12 Best Burger Toppings You Should Try

The Best Burger Toppings You Should Try:

Burgers are great, really great. These toppings are great but you need to make sure you have the best ingredients available to make the burgers that extra bit better.

1 – Avocado, Bacon and Sweet Chilli Sauce. Make sure you get good bacon and the crispier the better, unless it starts to burn.

2 – Bacon, Caesar Sauce, Romaine Lettuce and Mozzarella. Basically a Caesar salad on a burger making it refreshing and tasty.

3 – Humus, Cooked peppers, caramelized onions and mozzarella. Make sure to melt the mozzarella onto the burger when grilling the meat.

4 – Cheese and chips, like a next level chip butty. Slice up potatoes into wedges and drizzle in oil and salt. Next cook for 15 mins at 200 degrees and take out and shake around, then cook for another 15 mins or until ready. Next melt cheese of your choice onto the chips and place on top of burger and set the burger as you like it. It is nice with mayonnaise or chipotle sauce.

5 – Doritos and salsa. A Mexican style burger without the need for sauces or any other extras as the salsa takes care of it and freshens up the burger.

6 – BBQ Chicken burger. It is as simple as it seems, simple cut up some chicken breasts into thins strips and mix with BBQ sauce then place on top of burger.

7 – Ramen noodles. Make some ramen noodles and add cheese of your liking to the pot of just add boiling water ramen noodles and mix cheese through. Then take a fork and lift cheesy ramen noodles up and place them onto the meat of the burger.

8 – Pizza burger. This easy burger is so good, take any left over pizza slices and chop them up into roughly 1cm squares. Then fry in butter at a low heat and add romaine lettuce and diced onion and green peppers. Then mix through and place on top of burger.

9 – Sweet potato fries, sweet corn and pickles. Mix all in a bowl and place on top of the burger and then drizzle with BBQ sauce and ranch dressing.

10 – The Dip Burger, This amazing burger combines 3 popular dips and places them on a burger, First place a layer of salsa on the burger. The salsa should be the thickest layer. Then add guacamole, a slightly thinner layer. Then add tzatziki for added freshness.

11 – Poutine, Poutine is a friend to us here and it is the best thing on a burger, although it may be the messiest burger here. First make poutine ( chips and gravy and cheese and then add any other toppings you would like, caramelized onions and sweet corn are recommended) and place the poutine on a burger. Simple but good.           

12 – finally for the last burger we recommend putting sriracha on the burger as it is amazing and goes with everything, literally everything.

We hope you found this list interesting and are going to try some of these dishes out and let us know what you think of them through our contact us page.