15 essentials to pack before you travel

What To Pack Before Going Abroad:

Here is a list of the pure essentials you need to pack, when thinking about travelling abroad:

1 – Firstly you need to have a small-ish rucksack which replaces your suitcase when travelling as it will allow you to move around easier and you will have less to worry about losing

2 – Passport and backup photos of ID, its always a good bet to carry this around with you because things do go wrong… quite a lot.

3 – Backup cash if thing go wrong.

4 – Towel is a necessary item no matter where you go, try and get a microfiber towel, as it would take up less space.

5 – Socks and underwear, make sure you bring more of these than regular clothes as whether or not your underwear is clean will be a large factor as to how fresh you feel.

6 – A Padlock is great to keep on you as it will allow you to stay safe and will reduce the risk of theft.

7 – Board shorts are compulsory if you plan to go to anywhere with water and even if you are going to a landlocked place I would still bring them just in case.

8 – waterproof camera and charger will allow you to capture the moments of your trip and let you reflect back on the good times in the future.

9 – Lip Balm, I cannot stress this enough but lip balm is so important when travelling anywhere. Cold, Warm it doesn’t matter because not only can it sooth your lips but it can help with loads of small problems along the journey.

10 – A Bin Liner/Bag will allow you to keep your clothes and electronics dry without the need of paying for an expensive bag liner.

11 – Bring an adapter, its obvious what it is for and it is not expensive meaning you can always use the mains electricity wherever you are.

12 – Whistle and Flashlight will allow you to attract attention in sticky situations and can even be the difference between life and death in extreme situations, it is always necessary to carry one of these.

13 – Bring a metal water bottle and fill it up with clean water wherever you can, this will reduce a large spending cost and means that you stay hydrated throughout the day. This is important as people can sometimes forget about the amount of water they should drink and end up falling ill and suffering dehydration.

14 – Headphones will make journeys quicker and much more enjoyable and will help you sleep by blocking any loud noises out around you, regardless its always a great idea to bring good quality headphones with you but be careful as they can get stolen.

15 – Moisturizer, Body Wash and Shampoo are useful to have on you as it allows you to be cleaner and will improve the experience of your trip as you will feel fresher and cleaner.

By checking you have everything within this list before you travel abroad, you will have a better time travelling.