3 tips to taking better photos

Photography, while it may look easy spotting a nice view and pointing a camera at it, is actually quite hard and there is a lot of learning to be done with time put in practising until you can start getting great photos more often. Here are 3 tips to help you along the way on your photography journey:

1 Something Unique

Most things have been photographed in this world. There will be countless images all of the same view/object. To take a photograph showcasing something which has never been seen before is bound to make that photo an extra little bit more exciting.

2 Subject Importance

Say you were taking a portrait, you would want the subject to be larger to draw attention to him/her. Making sure that the subject stands out from your photo is key to achieving better photos, which is achieved with the playing around with the ratio of background to subject.

3 Wherever, Whenever

You never know when you may see the perfect photo ready to be taken, it could be when walking down the street on your way to get coffee, or when on a roadtrip you spot the most incredible photo. This is why you must always have a camera of sorts and bring it around with you ( even if its your phone ).