4 Easy Woodworking Projects Which Sell

Easy Woodworking Projects Which Sell:

If you are ever strapped for cash and have excess wood lying around the house from a past DIY project, then this is a great way to get an extra money boost to help with your income.

The first project to make is a wooden chopping board. So gather a mixture of dark coloured wood and light coloured wood. Next glue the wood pieces together until they make a block, which is roughly 30 cm x 20 cm then trim down using whatever tools are available to you. Then sand until the chopping board is smooth enough until you can run your hands around it without getting splinters. Your chopping board is now ready for sale which can be sold at anything between ~ £5-25

Next is a really easy item to make which can also be a perfect gift for anyone into home decoration. First gather roughly 10 equal sized squares of different coloured wood and glue and clamp together. Wait for glue to set and then trim the corners of the block using a band saw. Next drill a hole in the block roughly bigger than a candle, which you have or can buy. Next place a candle in the hole you have drilled and now you have made a stylish candle holder which can be sold at around £5-£20

For the next project you will need some pallet boards and some old rope, both these are very common and can be either found or bought for very cheap so make sure you do not pay much. First take the pallet board pallet and cut it in half, then drill two holes at the top left and top right of the cut pallet. Then feed the ropes ends through both the holes and tie a knot to secure it. You should not have a board with a strap. Next this bit requires some creative talent, take a stick and whittle the end to make a point. Then burn the point until it is blackened. Finally find a quote you like online and write the quote onto the pallet board. This can be sold for around £15.

For the final woodworking project this is really easy, take a full pallet and flip it around. Then on the 3 rungs on the underside attach wood to one side on each of the rungs to make shelves out of the pallet board, next find some plants you like and place them in the shelves made from the pallet board. This is an easy way to make a virtually free planter and spray painting it can give it the extra colour to make it look professional and worth more, this could be sold at around £30 as it is a larger item and is for garden decoration however it will still look good in the house.

Using these ideas hopefully you will be able to make money from these and have fun during the creation of them.