4 Ways To Get Better At Surfing From The Comfort Of Your Home

4 Ways To Get Better At Surfing From The Comfort Of Your Home:

Surfing is amazing. But what’s great about surfing is seeing the progress you make as you get better and build confidence; by getting better we come to understand more about it and will have a better time during our sessions. However continuous improvement can be difficult to maintain if you happen to live in a landlocked area or cannot reach the beach everyday. Here are our preferred tips to help you progress your surfing to the next level, without going out on the water:


1 – Longboard; Skating in general is a good way to improve your balance on your two feet as well as working similar muscles in your legs and core. However traditional skating is too far from surfing to have a good benefit to you on the water as both have very different styles. Whereas in longboarding you are able to reach deep carves which are similar to a bottom turn as well as being able to practise sharp turn, which are close to a cutback. It is a great idea to pick up a longboard and spend roughly an hour just rolling around some hills or a street.

2 – Watch Pro Surfing; if you have no clue as to what good surfing looks like, then how could you get to a level of good surfing. With that in mind it is a great idea to watch professional surfing to see how the pros do certain moves as well as imprint a mental image of what surfing great looks like. Therefore allowing you to visualize great surfing and how you could do it, this will greatly improve you surfing at a rapid rate and allow you to develop a style through seeing how pros have their own. Furthermore watching good surfing videos will allow you to check up on any struggles you may have when trying to master a certain trick or manoeuvre, I highly recommend spending an hour or two on youtube everyday if you really want to develop your surfing.

3 – Learn and Practise Yoga; yoga is great at targeting and strengthening the muscles which are used in surfing, It will also help you develop your flexibility which will help you with how easy some things within surfing are for you to perform, as well as unlocking your full potential and eliminating some of the factors which may be hindering your progression. Furthermore from yoga you may be able to develop a calmness, which will aid your decision-making when on a wave, and allow you to have the confidence to surf bigger waves. So for the strength and flexibility paramount to surfing, Yoga will really help you.

4 – Finally Practise For Wipeouts By Holding Your Breath; a wipeout is scary and sometimes it will stop your from trying out different things through the fear of going under. However by holding your breath on dry land whilst working out, then you will be able to develop and improve the amount of time for which you can hold your breath under water. This will improve your confidence in the water and give you more freedom and faster improvement, as you will have weakened the fear of being held under and running out of breath. Of course you should always respect the ocean as it is not always predictable and you may be hit with a really close set and be held under for more than one wave, so always take caution; however this practise will help you to overcome some of the fear

That is our list of how you can practise surfing and improve in the comfort of your own home, Hopefully these will work for you and if they do, be sure to let us know through email or message us through our pinterest.