48 Hours in Italy

48 Hours in Italy:

Italy is a beautiful place at any time of year; here is our recommendation for 48 hours in Italy:

Step 1 – Buy a fiat 500, Quite an expensive thing to do but it will be definitely worth the expense as nothing is quite like driving a plucky fiat 500 around the Italian coast in the warm sun.

Step 2 – Head to the Amalfi Coast in the recently purchased fiat 500. With a mix of mountains and sea with long twisting roads, this is a great way to kick off your next 48 hours with a flying start.

Step 3 – Next we recommend taking the journey to visit Capri. With its variety of shops and food with an excellent bakery near the Gucci store. Another great thing to do on the island is to follow the road to the top of the mountain and be greeted with great views; this can be done by bus. Finally the last thing to do in Capri is to explore it as you will find all manner of coves and secret places hidden around Capri.

Step 4 – This is a rather obvious step and it is to eat, Italian cuisine is amazing especially their pizza. So look on Google maps and find the best rated pizza restaurant and head straight there. It’s down to you at the end of the day but you can never go wrong with the classic.

Step 5 – Go boat spotting, now depending on where you are you might want to head somewhere else but the Amalfi coast is a good place to have food and spot boats.

Step 6 – Visit Pompeii for breathtaking view, some historical information and the opportunity to say that you have climbed a volcano, try and go in the evening as watching the sun start to set is a completely different experience.

Step 7 – Visit Porto di Maratea for a small walk along the coast and some shopping.

Step 8 – Finally to end your 48 hours in Italy we recommend taking a short 1 hour 15 minute flight to the centre of Milan so you can enjoy the nightlife, with loads of nightclubs being described as some of the best in the world you are definitely going to have a good time and a good party for the end of your trip.

That was our 48 hours in Italy and while it may be a little expensive with the £65 flights to Milan, it is worth it for the experience. If you end up trying this trip as well then do email us to let us know how you found it and if you would make any changes.