5 Tips For Your First Surf

5 Tips For Your First Surf:

Going surfing for the first time can be daunting and uncomfortable. With so many unknowns it help to know a couple things to help you get the most out of your first surf session. Here is a list of the things we believe will help you have the greatest time from your first surf.

1 – From personal experience I can tell you that bringing gum with you into the water is a bad idea. However bringing some for after the surf is a great way to freshen your mouth up from the strong salty flavour. Anyway the first tip is to not bring gum in the water, unless inhaling the gum is a good idea to you.

2 – Dry off fast. One thing, which makes surfing so uncomfortable, is the feeling of the salty water having dried on your skin, leaving the salt behind. It can be itchy and uncomfortable, however by drying yourself with a towel as quickly as you can, the salt will not make your skin feel sticky and itchy. Leaving you to feel refreshed.

3 – Bring a whole new set of clothes. After a surf if you are sitting in your cold wet board shorts all day, you will be considerably less comfortable than if you were warm in a new change of clothes. A beach will usually have toilettes, which you can change into or you can change in your car.

4 – Get a Car Key Storage container. It is hard to find a place to be comfortable to leave your keys while you go out to surf, and leaving the key on the wheel of your car is far too predictable. However by getting a keypod you can be confident in leaving your car keys behind while you enjoy a surf. We recommend the Northcore keypod 5gs.

5 – Start with a bigger board. If you start will a small board you will find it less stable and much harder to catch waves, whereas with the larger boards you have the stability to find your feet and still enjoy the ride. If the board you get is a foamy then it will reduce the risk of any injuries greatly and will not detract from the session.

That was our top 5 beginners tips to make your first surf much more enjoyable, hopefully this will allow you to get into the sport and have a great time doing it.