Best Surf Spots In Portugal

Portugal is no doubt a great place for surf, here are some of the best spots to check out in Portugal:
Sagres -
This spot is best to surf in winter and autumn, with great waves to play one in the morning and diving tours in the afternoon to admire the large array of aquatic life which live in the blue waters. At this place you'll never have a dull moment.
Ericeira -
North of Lisbon lies this fishing village which has beautiful unpopulated beaches and some great waves, and at only 20 minutes away from Mafra you have access to a great place to go out for lunch and eat seafood.
Nazare -
Probably one of the most infamous and most well known surf places in the world, definitely not recommended for anyone but experienced surfers. Great to marvel at the huge waves.
Espinho -
With large waves and hot sun this beach has the perfect combination for a relaxing couple of days while on the waves. If a relaxing splash in the water is more your thing then there is a sea water pool built.