Top 4 Poutine Toppings

Poutine is one of the many joys of life and is especially enjoyed when relaxing in a alpine bar. Here are our top 4 poutine toppings:
Pulled Pork -
Meat so tender it can be literally pulled apart, combined with BBQ sauce just sounds like a great idea. Pork and gravy are notoriously great together as demonstrated by the Sunday roast, this topping upholds pork and gravy's reputation and this dish is definitely worth a try.
All Day Breakfast -
Eggs, Bacon, Sausage and mushrooms go exceptionally well with poutine, however to take on this topping you've got to have a hearty appetite due to having two meals in one meal, a two for the price of one if you will.
Sweet -
Take the chips, remove the gravy and replace it with melted white and milk chocolate, then replace the cheese curd with mini marshmallows and sprinkles. Then add any other sweet toppings you can think of (highly recommend crushed Oreos), and you have yourself a sweet poutine.
Chilli Con Carne -
Add chilli con carne on top of the chips replacing the gravy, then add the cheese curds and top with a sprinkling of crushed nachos and some whole ones for the aesthetic. Perfect for cold winter nights to warm you up.