Top 5 Things To Do In Fiji Before You Leave

Best Things To Do In Fiji:

Fiji is full of white sandy beaches, warm water and mystical attractions. Here is our top 5 places to visit in Fiji before the end of your trip.

1 – Visit Dravuni Island, this island is typical Fiji. Whit sand beaches, Friendly locals and crystal clear blue water to dip your toes in and discover the multitude of land attractions. A relatively small island, do not expect to go there for the lively party scene, however if tranquillity is more on your list then this is definitely for you.

2 – Kuata Island is a relatively small island with quite beaches and warm water. Here you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkling and discover a huge variety of sea life and even manta rays.

3 – Surrounding Kadavu island is the Great Astrolabe Reef. At approximately 65 km long there is plenty of aquatic wildlife to discover and to practise your hand at snorkelling and scuba diving.

4 – Climb mount Tomanivi, being the largest mountain in fiji at 1,324 meters it will deliver an impressive view once summated and will provide a relaxing walk up the trail especially if the weather is good.

5 – Finally we recommend checking out the Tavoro Waterfalls,with not too many tourists it is relatively peaceful and can provide more of an adrenaline filled trip when jumping off the rocks into the water ( always depth check and assess before a jump). It takes a small hike which is easily achieved by many people however it is definitely worth having a guide to help you cross the river and take you on the correct path way.

We hope you get to experience the joys of what these places have to offer and are safe on your travels. I t is definitely worth making the effort to see these places.